bar cart turned book cart

I love finding unexpected uses for some of my favorite things.  I purchased the famous Target bar cart that’s been all over the blogosphere (and is currently on sale!) before Christmas and used it as a correspondence station for writing Christmas cards.

bar cart

After taking pictures for my last post, I got the bug to do something about some of our homeschool supplies that are out in plain sight. Funny how I can share that something doesn’t bother me one minute, and suddenly it begins to bother me.  I was in Target and spotted some funky graphic wrapping paper that was actually marketed for Valentine’s Day and I quickly tossed a roll into my cart, thinking maybe I’d use it for Christmas instead.  Suddenly, my creative juices began to flow.

wrapping paper book cover

What if I used the wrapping paper to make book covers for my KONOS curriculum books?

progressoverperfection book cover

And styled up my bar cart for homeschool?

homeschooler's bar cart

I could create a book cart out of my bar cart.  Homeschool style.

progress over perfection bar cart

Pretty and stylish from every angle…

bar cart book cart

Streamlined and simplified with just the daily necessities.

bar cart book cart

My lesson plan binder and two additional binders that contain additional teaching helps, print outs, and a folded map of the world and the great United States of America.  All other workbooks and folders tucked away in a covered basket.  Simplified.

bar cart book cart necessities

A small tray to corral the minimum writing necessities.  {If I could, I’d edit it to say “expect much” ;)}

progress over perfection 2

Homeschool style that fits right in with the rest of our decor.

progressoverperfection bar cart book cart

There.  Now I feel better.

This little project helped me to edit some of the non-essentials that had been collecting in the fabric basket I showed you in my last post. I spent nothing except the cost of a roll of wrapping paper.  Oh, and my sweet hubby picked out a plant for me to add a tropical flair to our daily homeschooling tasks (perhaps he was subliminally inspired by the idea of tropical libations that you might normally see on a bar cart??).

It feels good to have spent the time to clean up my act a little more in this area.  I’m of the belief that if you like the way a space looks, you’re much more likely to work to keep it looking neat and tidy.  Wonder what project I’ll get inspired to complete next?  I have a few ideas in my mind…

Have a great week, friends!



  1. It looks like you (and your man) have been accessory shopping at your sister’s house. Great minds think . Also.

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